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FlexiPass FAQs

Q: What is a FlexiPass?

A FlexiPass is essentially a travel credit or gift card towards future travel. The point is for somebody who knows they want to travel within the next two years, they just don't know to where or when. This allows them to tap in to a discount early, but still have the flexibility to decide later.

Q: Who should buy one?

A FlexiPass is for anyone! It's for four friends who know they want to go to Europe but, with the ever-changing travel restrictions, they like knowing that this gives them the flexibility to reschedule. It's for the upcoming bride and groom that  know they plan on taking a honeymoon, they're just not sure yet when or where. It's for that budget traveler that likes to snag a good deal; get a discount now and use the credit towards a future trip.

Q: How many can I buy?

You can buy as many as 10 FlexiPasses per calendar year. However, only one FlexiPass can be redeemed per trip reservation per person. FlexiPass redemptions are not combinable with other Travelstride member savings offers.

Q: Can I buy a one as a gift?

Smart thinking! Yes! Buy your parents this FlexiPass for their anniversary and help send them on a great trip. Buy the newlyweds a FlexiPass so they have travel credit towards their honeymoon. Buy a friend a [very nice] thank you gift. Buy one for yourself!

Q: Am I limited to certain trips based on the FlexiPass value I purchase?

No way! Whichever FlexiPass value you purchase, $750, $1500, or $2500, you can apply that credit amount to any of the over 2,000 trips listed, as long as the trip amount is equal to or more than the FlexiPass value.

Q: When, exactly, do I need to redeem and use my FlexiPass?

Redeem your FlexiPass by January 1, 2023 for travel before December 31, 2023.

Q: What does 'cancel anytime' mean?

We understand that in these times of uncertainty, making travel decisions comes with some trepidation. That is why you get 100% of your travel credit back if you cancel within 90 days of purchase before redeemed with a selected travel company partner. If you request a refund 91 days or later, you will receive a refund minus a small cancellation fee.

Q: Okay. What else?

  1. FlexiPass can only be redeemed when used with participating travel companies.

  2. After redemption of a FlexiPass with a selected FlexiPass partner company, the responsibility for arranging, executing, rescheduling, or itinerary changes lies directly with the tour operator/travel company., or through your Travel Advisor.

  3. Once you choose to redeem a FlexiPass with a partner travel company they cannot be transferred back to Travelstride. The operator may allow you to change trip itineraries or dates once you have selected them, but it is at their discretion.

  4. Once you transfer credits to a partner travel company, cash refund eligibility is at the discretion of the partner travel company and is subject to the individual company’s policy for refunds.

  5. FlexiPass vouchers must be redeemed for their entire amount for one specific trip. They may not be divided or given partial value for different trips or issued partial refunds. 

  6. The list of participating tour operators is subject to change. If any company leaves the program, Travelstride will make reasonable efforts to convey at least 60 days in advance to FlexiPass holders via email.

  7. Travelstride has partnered with some of the best tour operators who are excited to be participating in this program. However, all tour operators are separate entities and travel carries inherent risks. Travelstride and Pin Your Destination are not responsible for trip quality, accidents, or operator solvency once the consumer redeems the voucher.

  8. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice though in general Travelstride will aim to notify all FlexiPass holders in advance of material changes to these terms.

  9. All terms and conditions are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

  10. Any additional questions can be directed to your Travel Advisor at Pin Your Destination.

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