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Owner of Pin Your Destination

Meet Kristen

Kristen is a Chicago native but has also lived on the east and west coasts. She's always enjoyed spreading her wings and exploring a new part of the world, whether it's solo travel, expedition adventures, or even road tripping.


Her desire to travel has led her to a dual career as a Flight Attendant and travel advisor and she can't wait to book your dream vacation!


Our Story

Pin Your Destination was established in 2020. Yes, the year of COVID. The year that millions were laid off or furloughed from their jobs. And Kristen was no exception. But like anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, she used that as an opportunity to launch something she envisioned herself doing for a very long time. Since travel and adventure run through her veins, she knew she'd have what it takes.


So Kristen sought out the best coaching in the industry to merge with her own  knowledge and travel experiences and, after 12-weeks of extensive training, launched pin your destination. to date,

she has booked over $500K of travel for clients, ranging from large family vacations and luxurious honeymoons to weekend getaways and work trips.


"Love what you do and do what you love." - Ray Bradbury

Credentials and certifications

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